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.:Blue Space by ginkgografix .:Blue Space by ginkgografix
:bulletgreen: You need to have a Premium Account or to be a staff member/volunteer to use this :bulletgreen:

Maybe this is a bit more "male" - no idea. Based on the Green Flowers II template [link] .
Not sure about the green in there, but you can change that, if you don't like it.

:pointr:Template features:(without the space in the brackets)
:bulletgreen: Headline
< b>... < /b>

If you want to use b to bold text, rename it to em in the CSS code. Also add font-style:normal; to that class, before the closing }
Then you could use <em>...</em> instead of b for the content.

:bulletgreen: Mini gallery
< div class="feature"> ... < /div>

:bulletgreen: Lists
< ul>< li>... < /li>< li>...< /li>< /ul>

Retro brushes [link] by ~digitalrevolutions
Star brushes [link] by *werram
Planet [link] by ~Gileryd

Mini gallery code by `thespook

Works for FF and IE, but IE is a slightly different.

Click install to use it.

:bulletgreen: :pointr: Make sure to read and understand this before you use my templates! :pointl: :bulletgreen:
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July 30, 2009
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