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July 30, 2009
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.:Blue Space by ginkgografix .:Blue Space by ginkgografix
:bulletgreen: You need to have a Premium Account or to be a staff member/volunteer to use this :bulletgreen:

Maybe this is a bit more "male" - no idea. Based on the Green Flowers II template [link] .
Not sure about the green in there, but you can change that, if you don't like it.

:pointr:Template features:(without the space in the brackets)
:bulletgreen: Headline
< b>... < /b>

If you want to use b to bold text, rename it to em in the CSS code. Also add font-style:normal; to that class, before the closing }
Then you could use <em>...</em> instead of b for the content.

:bulletgreen: Mini gallery
< div class="feature"> ... < /div>

:bulletgreen: Lists
< ul>< li>... < /li>< li>...< /li>< /ul>

Retro brushes [link] by ~digitalrevolutions
Star brushes [link] by *werram
Planet [link] by ~Gileryd

Mini gallery code by `thespook

Works for FF and IE, but IE is a slightly different.

Click install to use it.

:bulletgreen: :pointr: Make sure to read and understand this before you use my templates! :pointl: :bulletgreen:
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rainpeltkitty Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
herofan135 Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Such an amazing journal skin, I love it! :heart:
I'm gonna use this for sure. :thumbsup:
Awesome to hear, thanks!
hey,  is there a way to prevent the image of the planet from getting cut off at the bottom?  could you please tell me how if it's possible?  great skin btw!
Hm, not sure what is going on there. Seems like it only gets cut off at the profile page, but not at the actual journal page. Have to take a closer look at that later.
If i figure something out, i will let you know.

Thanks :aww:
rite... perhaps you can lower the the entire box where the text goes so the image is clean?  it would be perfect.  Thank you for your response. :)
I can't change the install file. You would have to go to the CSS section of your journal an increase the 3rd padding value of .gr-top
you're Awesome!! one last thing I think... how about the header where the title goes, where do you go to raise it?   looks like it comes down when you increase the gr-top
If you play with the 1st and 3rd value of that padding, you can adjust the position of the title.
The first is the spacing between the title and the top of the journal. The third is for the bottom.
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