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November 12, 2009
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my dA goodies by ginkgografix my dA goodies by ginkgografix
While going through my order history to make an update for this (last one was more than one year ago) and looking for gifts being around, i felt like a deviant merchandise whore... more and more :o
So many things i already own, crazy!!

For the new items seach for the

After having received quite a few goodies from dA already i thought i would share them with the world and tell you how awesome all the stuff is!

:bulletgreen: Printed Items
Bodies b/w print… by `wroth (bought myself)
Encounter print… by *Deligaris (from `IaiaRose)
Elephant print… by ~Delun (from `PurpelBlur)
January Fae… by ~miss69 (from ~miss69)
Red… by *kerembeyit (from ~eXoHeartbeat)
.crash.… by ~Lindowyn (from ~Lindowyn)
Bubblephant… (bought myself, not in the photo)

Green coasters… by *kerembeyit (bought myself)
Bao Bao magnet… by `trenchmaker (using a dA dollars)
Book nosing mug… by *Tooshtoosh (using dA dollars)
Elephant mug… by *Tooshtoosh (bought myself)
Polar bears are dry clean only mug… (bought myself)
Fairy Plushie Mousepad (bought myself)

Ginkgo Biloba… (bought myself, click here

+ four prints i got as personal gifts(was too lazy to take photos of them as well)

:bulletgreen: devWear items
Vert Zip Hoodie… (bought myself)
Emote Stress Balls… (bought myself)
Fella plushie… (from `IaiaRose)
dA keychain… (won at a 9th birthday contest)
dA lanyard… (won at a 9th birthday contest)
Emoticon buttons 2x… (won at a 9th birthday contest and from `IaiaRose)
Llama Shirt… (gift from !JurgenDoe) don't own this anymore. Gave it to another deviant as it didn't really fit me.
Emote Stress Balls… (gift from !JurgenDoe)
dA buttons… (bought myself)
dA Sticker Pack… (bought myself)
Pageview Whore shirt… (bought myself)
Llama keychain… (bought myself)
dA Icon Keychain… (bought myself)
10th Birthday Zip Up Hoodie… (bought myself)
Evil eye T-shirt + Keychain… (gift from $dxd)

:bulletgreen: Other
Bookmarks and postcards……… by `trenchmaker (bought myself)
two different dA stickers (gifts by dA)
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TaNa-Jo Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ehrlich jetzt? Wir haben das selbe mausped XDDD OOOO mein goott XD
Was ein Zufall das ist, mal ehrlich OwO

Bist du sicher? :B
Mein Mauspad ist nämlich mit meinem OC und ich kann mich nicht daran erinnern, dass das jemand anderes außer mir gekauft hat :paranoid:
TaNa-Jo Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
xD Ne ich meine den drachen wo green steht xD
Das sind nur Untersetzer :D
Hab mir aber schon fast gedacht, dass du die meinst :lol:
TaNa-Jo Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
xD Ach! Immerhin das Motiv stimmt
elegiyohanes May 23, 2012  Professional General Artist
wow :omg:
Waanntt :la:
But its must be very expensive to buy pictures with the frame..
I bought the frame at IKEA and just got the print from dA - otherwise it would be too expensive to ship it to me.
elegiyohanes May 24, 2012  Professional General Artist
you're great..
dA lovers <3
Niikitoo Nov 27, 2011  Student Photographer
Amazing, just amazing! I want it all! :deviation:
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