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January 1
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Calendar Project: Winners

Wed Jan 1, 2014, 3:06 AM
And here are the winners from the daily tasks! :clap:
Congratulatios, everyone. Prizes shall be delivered soon. If you didn't receive your prizes within one month, please contact me via the group notes!

Days with no entries are not listed here.

Task 1

Winter and Christmas feature:santa: December 1st: click to understand :aww: :santa:

by Erozja

Prize: 100 Points + llama and feature by RiseandBe

Task 2

Xmas Tree by Nesmaty by Nesmaty

Prize: critique by goldnretriever + 100 Points + feature by JEricaM

Task 3

miontre (… )

Prize: 1 month PM by ginkgografix + 200 Points + llama by RiseandBe + feature by PoeticalCondition

Task 5

Calendar Project Snowflakes by LabLayers by LabLayers

Prize: custom stamp + critique by ginkgografix + feature by JEricaM

Task 6

Christmas Pattern by supperfrogg by supperfrogg

Prize: 300 Points + feature by huina

Task 7

MafiaVamp (… )

Prize: print up to $25 + feature by SimplySilent

Task 8

Christmas Bauble: Task 8 by bloodawni by bloodawni

Prize: 400 Points + feature by ComeTogetherProject

Task 9

miontre ( )

Prize: 150 Points + feature by ScENeYmE

Task 10

Squitopus (… )

Prize: 3 months PM + feature by kaotickell

Task 13

Nephire (… )

Prize: chibi drawing + feature by huina llama and feature by bloodawni

Task 14

1st miontre, 2nd LabLayers, 3rd supperfrogg

Prize: 300 Points for 1st place, 200 Points for 2nd place, 100 Points for 3rd place + feature for all by Nameda

Task 15

Rudolph The Red Nosed Rein...Tiger?! by Stygma by Stygma

Prize: 200 Points + feature by ScENeYmE

Task 19

emocx / SirKoto51 (… )

Prize: 6 months PM for suggested person + 300 Points for suggester + feature by ComeTogetherProject

Task 20

Drowning in whiteWhite sea with a dark tree. by Eitvys200

Prize: 800 Points + critique by ginkgografix + feature by SimplySilent

Task 22

Ornament by derfs by derfs

Prize: critique by goldnretriever + 100 Points  + feature by kaotickell

Task 23

Rumokiga (… - right answer: 106, there were a lot of tiny stars hiding)

Prize: 3 months PM + feature by Nameda

Task 24

:bulletwhite: Squitopus, CharmingVanessa, PenellopePeppermint will get 100 Points each from ginkgografix  and GrimFace242

:bulletwhite: ChrysNK, PrettyBlizzard, Rumokiga  will get a 1 month PM each from ginkgografix and GrimFace242

:bulletwhite: bloodawni, miontre will have/had  their project/contest featured by ginkgografix, GrimFace242

And for Nesmaty i will try to think of some fun activity in the future!

And here they are: the winners of the daily tasks. Congratulations to everyone!
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Thanks and congrats to the other winners! :)
JEricaM Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome, thanks!
JEricaM Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
And congratulation to everyone :D
ArtByCher Jan 2, 2014   Traditional Artist
Congratulations everyone!! And great job Anne! :clap:
supperfrogg Jan 2, 2014  Student General Artist
QwQ what a good thing to start a new year ! :hug:
thank you for this beloved event, i hope you'll held similar task like this more often, it's really fun to play with :heart:
My pleasure. The calendar project will just be done during December, but who knows... maybe there will be other similar activity during the year :aww:
Ikue Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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