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PE: Adoptables

Sat Jul 12, 2014, 3:34 AM by ginkgografix:iconginkgografix:

[deviantART related]

Adoptables are Original Characters, short OC, created by one deviant to be obtained by others.

There are different ways of how to get hold of them, that will be explained in detail further below of this article.

While the copyright and the idea remains to be property of the adoptable creator, the new owner usually has the right to do "whatever they want" with the OC.
That means, they can change certain characteristics of the overall look, can give them names, can create background stories and everything else that makes them a complex character. Additionally to that they can use that adopt to be used as avatars, in new artworks, as page dolls, as characters in stories or RPG and much more.
Of course there are still rules by the original creator that should be followed.

Mostly people who are not much into visual art and those that have a hard time to come up with original characters themselves do benefit from them. Adoptables are always pre-made and that means you always see what you get, before you spent any money on it.

With the last gallery update adoptables also got their own category within deviantART related.
:pointr: Visit the Adoptables Gallery

Adoptable [ CLOSED ] by NaruLeiin Autumn and Summer Deer [ADOPTABLE CLOSE] by Eternal-S nezumimi ( adoptable auction closed) by plumine Lantern Munchkin Adoptable Auction - CLOSED by Karijn-s-Basement
Humming Deer Adopts Open! Lowered by catdoak ADOPT: Auction 15 [CLOSED] by jackettt .:Adoptable:. Special Halloween - CLOSED by Noririn-Hayashi  

A few years ago the diversity was very limited. Adoptables have been rather simple and the community was very small. These days however it seems to be one of the busiest categories/galleries within deviantART related.
From groups to creators to the amount of adoptables, it all increased extremely and with that comes a great variety of designs and adoptables. But of course it makes it also hard to be seen and to stand out from the masses.
Having unique characters, as well as an unique style becomes more difficult and challenging as well.

Because of that there are a lot of groups that focus on adoptables as well. While some might concentrate on certain characteristics (e.g. cute, humanoid, feline, equine, anthro etc) other will be more general. To find the right group for yourself, make use of the search at Groups.

Adoptables can be humans, humanoid, animals, mythological creatures, a wild mix, totally random - anything you can think of. There are no guidelines for this, as there are none for what they have to look like.
Some adopts come with a simple and rather rough style, others are extremely detailed and complex. Everyone can decide on their own, what they want to do. There are no limits.

Object Heads O2A [OPEN] by meowgical Mystery Crack Ship Pony Adopt OTA *CLOSED* by ChocoRhea ...Custom Outfit Set - Vicky-Pandora.... by Seelenbasar
Femboy Eggie - CLOSED by Porcelain-Nightmares CLOSED- Male outfit adopts by Guppie-Adopts

How to obtain an Adoptable

How an adopt can be obtained always depends on the creator. The most common thing would be the auction, but there will also be promotional give-aways or other ways of attracting people.
The price of an adopt should always depend on the quality provided, as well as make up the amount of time and effort spent for it. It's difficult to judge the right price for yourself when you start, so looking at others can help you here. Still keep your prices reasonable, otherwise even the greatest design won't help.


The artists defines a starting price, how much you have to add with each bid and for how long the auction will be open.
Interested people can then leave their bid, often as a reply to a spedific comment, and will get notified if someone bid a higher price.
At the end of the given timeframe the one with the highest bid will be able to claim the adoptable.

SB - Starting bid (it's the minimum price)
MI - Minimum increment (the amount you can add when you outbid)
AB - Autobuy

Purchase /Auto-Buy

The artist add a new adoptable that can be either purchased as Premium Content (either limited to a certain amount or endlessly) or there is a set price and the first who claims it and pays for the adopt will be able to take it home.


Some people accept adoptable commissions as well. Here you can choose from character bases(this can also be highly detailed adopts as well) and decide on certain characteristics on your own. That means you have a bit more freedom and can build your character the way you like. Often you have to stick to the overall characteristics of the species though.
Commissions are usually for a fixed price, which varies depending on what is asked for. Some deviants offer commissions via auctions as well. 

Draw to Adopt

For this way of obtaining an adopt you have to draw it (or something else) to be able to get it. Out of all who take part one deviant will be chosen who will get the adoptable. The criteria depend on the artist who offer that adopt. It doesn't always have to be the most professional one who wins, but those who show that they would actually care for calling a certain adopt their own.


Every now and then an adoptable creator might will have one of these. You don't have to pay, but have to do certain things in order to be eligible to win. Often these are something like fave a deviation, leave a comment, feature a journal etc.
At the end of a given timeframe winners will be selected and announced. They then will receive the offered adopt.

Open Species
These adoptables can be reproduced without having to obtain them from the original creator. If one adoptable is marked as open, you can create your own adopt based on the characteristics and don't have to pay for auctions, commissions etc.

More spread are the closed species though. These can't be used by anyone, but the one who created them, as well as the deviant who got one of the adopts.

:note: The featured adopts are not related to the text. They are just random examples!

  Adoptable  - Mind Breaker (CLOSED) by clover-teapot Auction: ANUBIS :CLOSED: by Snow-Body OC adoptable-SOLD by p-o-c-k-e-t Black and White Shibe Dragon Adoptable - CLOSED by LordSammich ...::: Adoptable-Auction-Set 3 CLOSED:::... by AmorpheusArt Fox Adoptable for points CLOSED by Psunna Chibi Twilight dragon Adoptable /SOLD! by Cecaangyal Flamingo by MAATY-S Leifviv CLOSED *contest entry* by CometShine adoptables! by RRRAI  

Templates & Linearts

Like for nearly everything, there are also templates and pre-made linearts for creating adoptables. When using these, you should always follow the rules of the original creator. More adopt bases can be found at Adoptable-Bases.

Horse Adopt Or Design Template by Sky-Stables Chibi Llama Lineart by Karijn-s-Basement  Croco [Open Species] by Mousu
Cute Animal P2U Base by Kawiku Open species: Mimo by PetiteBubu OPEN SPECIES:: Free Gink lineart by Deskleaves
Free Adoptables Lineart by Sunnith Free Adopt Base by MissPinks  Sophydra Lineart by Karijn-s-Basement

In a lot of cases there is money (or points) involved when it comes to adoptables. No matter if you offer adopts or want to purchase them, make sure you are always able to fulfill the requirements for any transactions.

That means...
  • don't offer anything extra to adopts that you can't visualize.
  • don't offer something that is not yours.
  • don't bid if you don't have the money.
  • don't bid if you don't plan on really paying for the adopt.

:note: I have never done and adoptable myself, nor am I really involved in this community. If there is any important information missing, please contact me, so that I can complete this article to help people like me to understand it all better. Thanks!

Article for projecteducate - deviantART related week (July 7th - 13th 2014).

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SugarYuyu Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
I am sorry but a friend of mine is creating adoptables with the help of a dress up like game, like a generator is that actually allowed ?
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I always read on comments about those adoptables but I had no idea what they were for or how to get one. Thank you! 
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Thank you so much for the features, and it's nice seeing an official article for adopts, thank you so much for that too. :hug:
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My pleasure and thank you too! :heart:
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