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November 4, 2010


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During our "deviantART related" week of Project Educate you will have the chance to expand your knowledge regarding that gallery as a whole and its subcategories.
If you have a question regarding a certain subject, but can't find any answer in the news articles and events provided, feel free to contact ginkgografix via note, mail or leave a comment.

The dA related week of Project Educate runs from Sunday October 31st until Saturday November 6th.

:bulletgreen: What is a Stamp?

Everyone of you should know the regular postal stamps you use to send packages or letters to friends or companies. Here at deviantART we have something similar, but it won't be used to do the same things. Deviant Stamps are mainly used to promote or feature things. To support a cause or maybe a friend. And they are used to just give a statement some more attention.

There is a whole category filled with a lot of unique stamps. Some are animated, some are static. The original size is 99*56px, but it varies – depending on the preferences of each artist. They can be round, they can be square, they can be heart-shaped or whatever else your heart desires.
Except the newer 'modern' stamps, they usually have a transparent typical stamp border, like their real life relatives which makes it easy to differentiate them from avatars or other smaller artworks.

Below there are some useful resources and tutorials listed. So if you want to give it a try to make stamps on your own, maybe check those deviations.
But before you do so, here are some words of the person that is responsible for having stamps at deviantART: TheRyanFord.

I "invented" the dA stamp concept when we were promoting the deviantART Summit. It was supposed to take place in an airplane hanger, originally, and so all of our promotional ideas surrounded planes. The summit logo was a fella-styled airplane, for example. So to allow and encourage people to show that they were coming to the summit, I drew up some stamps that said things like "I'm attending the summit" or whatever. From there people started making their own stamps.

The scale of the stamp was kind of arbitrary. I just knew it needed to be pretty small so it would fit in people's signatures (back when we allowed images in signatures) and also fit comfortably in their journals. It's wider than a typical postage stamp because I found that a basic square was too limiting. You just can't write anything in such a small space. So, I widened it.

A few examples of how different stamps could be like, can be found here:…

:bulletgreen: Stamp Resources

In case you want to give it a try with stamps on your own, but don't want to start from scratch, there are plenty of resources and templates you could use.
But there are also general tutorials about stamps that help you to learn more about them and give you some nifty hints of how to make them look awesome.

:bulletgreen: Templates

Mixed Colors1 -Template Pack by AssClownFish REDONDA stamp TEMPLATE by okinsei stamp template by Basti93 Stamp Template by zilla774 Stamp Template by Birvan Modern Stamp Template by LostKitten Stamp Template-Web 2.0 by kreatixe GIMP Stamp Template 2 by ERHBuggy Stamp Template 6 by LumiResources Grungy Stripes Stamp Template by Rhabwar-Troll-stock Small plz Stamp Template by KaldeaOrchid Heart Stamp Template by StampsByNeekko  Avatar Stamp Template 50x50 by StampsByNyko

:bulletgreen: Tutorials

Stamp Tutorial by SparkLum Prosaixs sexy shine tutorial by prosaix STAMP: PSD BASE + Usage Guide by Emotikonz dA STAMP TUTORIAL WITH  .PSD by Timesplitter92 Transparency Tutorial by stuck-in-suburbia How To : Make a Basic Stamp by Mr-Stamp  Animation for Stamps in CS3 by i-stamp

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.:deviantART related Stamp by ginkgografix :heart: by nirman PE 2010 stamp by projecteducate
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dragoncaticepawyaha4 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Student
thanks! thats really helpful!
ginkgografix Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013
Just-To-Look1 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
You know, not only premium members can use stamps, but everyone can! Just post the 'thumb' code in the deviantID section, and they appear! Works 100%. :dummy:

I don't know if I'm advertising this… :confused:
ginkgografix Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
This was posted 3 years ago, back then that wasn't possible :aww:
Mavelle-Ealenyr Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very interesting story about stamps. However I think the other side of the story should be known as well. 
The side that explains how people that started this stamps practice and made stamps to show their love or support for an artist/anime/series or otherwise not their own content, had their stamps reported for copyright rules violation, their deviation removed AND even their account banned.
On 2007 I had one of these stamps about an anime (Rurouni Kenshin) being reported/removed on my previous account. This is the email that was sent to me at the time:

"Your submissions may not contain material or images which were not created entirely through your own effort; this means that you cannot simply collect photographs, artworks and other images, writings or scans from printed books/magazines and submit them to your account. You are not allowed to submit “reworked”, “edited” or otherwise “modified” material which you obtained from other sources.
This behavior is known as plagiarism, copyright infringement, or by the slang term of "ripping" and is an illegal behavior. Your submissions and all the material within it must have been created entirely by your own hand and through your own effort.
If you continue to violate our copyright policy your account may be suspended for a period of time or banned."

Due to this and also for fear of having my account banned, I felt obliged to put my deviations in storage and ultimately it made me so sad and angry at this injustice that I didn't had the heart to go back to that account anymore nor participate in DA for some years.
And now look at anime stamps being a common, viable and acceptable practice by DA!  
It's only sad to know that it took so many years until DA managed to come up with an non-plagiarism policy regarding stamps and a suitable category. It is also sad to know that the accounts DA has harmed due to it's former policy have never even got their deviations back or received an apology for that matter.
What is done is done, true. But things should be remembered the way they were, so lessons can be learned from it.
ginkgografix Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013
It's not really a story, but just a look back at the history/origin.
And i don't think there is another side to it, that would mean i did just praise something here, which i am not doing.

Well, if we just look at what it really is, it is always a copyright violation and always will be, if someone is using images of a tv show, famous people etc.
99,9% of such stamps include material no permission was given for.

dA acts according to coypright laws of California/USA. From what i know (and i only refer to german laws here) any site that contains material they have no permission for, could get sued for it. That means if you put up a stamp from a Disney movie and some person at Disney sees it, it could happen that dA has to pay because of it.
That's why such stamps have been removed. Meanwhile the laws might have changed because the images are too small.
If you want to get to know more about the why etc, you should contact dA directly.

Personally i heavily dislike such stamps.
Mavelle-Ealenyr Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I apologize for my definition of it, it isn't my intention to denigrate it's historical and original relevance and nor to make it less important a fact than it is. The use of "story" was simply a translation misfortune, not meant to be used ironically. Neither is the "other side of the story" expression. The view, or in this case experience, that a person has on a matter is different from people to people and I wanted to share mine and other people's situations about this.

If we go by that point of view about it being a copyright violation, in extreme, the hole internet is a massive one and should be shut down immediately and SOPA would have been approved already without any fights against it. Much worse than stamps regarding copyright violation are memes and now even those are accepted here much to my astonishment. While I understand DA's concerns, we can't afford to be extremists. Stamps are a grey and undefined area. There needs to be a middle term and more defined rules/info. After 8 years Help & F.A.Q still has absolutely nothing on this matter. It's not only DA that needs protection but it's members as well and they should know what that grey area accepts or not.

It's a controversial matter yes and we could fill up a hole book debating it.
ginkgografix Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013
No need for that, it just sounded weird, like there is a good/bad thing about stamps itself.
I do understand the situation and know that it frustrates a lot of people, but the whole copyright thing is very difficult and very exhausting.

One of my artworks had been stolen quite often and abused in several ways (not dA) and it's annoying as hell, if you see people using your works without permission, removing your watermarks etc.
Not all memes are copyrigth violations, but yeah they attract it as well - i guess all media/galleries do that. It's a shame that people don't have more common sense about it in general.

Yeah, that's for sure. And some are more strict then others.
Nameda Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Professional General Artist
hy there sweetheart here is another template one for a bigger stamp :) [link] :hug:
ginkgografix Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
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