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November 5, 2010


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During our "deviantART related" week of Project Educate you will have the chance to expand your knowledge regarding that gallery as a whole and its subcategories.
If you have a question regarding a certain subject, but can't find any answer in the news articles and events provided, feel free to contact ginkgografix via note, mail or leave a comment.

The dA related week of Project Educate runs from Sunday October 31st until Saturday November 6th.

:bulletgreen: Introduction

There are a lot of submissions in the suggestion galleries, that don't belong there. And as those deviations get moved some people get frustrated, thinking that they were right.
To avoid further miscats and frustrations, I will try to cover what the suggestions should be like, but also will explain why bugs don't belong to those galleries.
Please read through this carefully and make sure that you understand everything.

:bulletgreen: What are Suggestions?

Whatever you want to suggest, it must be related to deviantART in a direct manner. Means it must be about the website and it's features. It's not about suggestions how to improve your art or what kind of tools you should buy. Only about the website itself.
Suggestions of new plushies, extra gear, new logos etc CAN go to this gallery, but don't meet the criteria a 100%. It's better to submit them to "dA related > Devious Fun -> Misc",  "Designs & Interfaces > Logos & Logotypes" or "dA related > deviantWEAR & Prints > Submissions".

When working on suggestions make sure that it can be useful for more people than just you. And that it makes sense. It will increase the chance of getting considered.

:bulletgreen: Written Suggestion

As the term already stated it is a suggestion that will be explained by words only. That means that you will provide a text submission, explaining what exactly do you think should be changed or added at deviantART.
You can use a screenshot to support the text, but the focus should be on the text itself. Try to be as specific as possible and add everything that is important to understand your suggestion. This is especially important, when you suggest some new feature. And it should be straight to the point!


Suggestion: Groups and NewsSince groups was released, the way that deviants interact with each other has changed a lot, and mostly for the better. We can efficiently communicate through blogs, and everything is much better organized.
However, there is one thing that I have noticed. Since I am a deviant that runs news article features through groups, there are only a couple of ways to let the deviants know about the feature. One option is to write a blog informing them of the news article that was posted, and hope that the deviants open the blog and then click on the link. If you are informing the deviant that they have been featured in an article, then you can send them a comment or reply. I have noticed that since groups have launched, that there is not a way to send news articles through the groups.
My suggestion, would be to edit the news submission page, have it be more customized to each deviant. If a deviant is submitting a news article that focuses one group's news, then there should be an option to submi
Policy Violation System for dA
Every day we have thousands of accounts created on deviantART and of those thousands a few hundred are brand new deviants, people who know nothing at all about deviantART or what this community is all about. Although there are means of learning about deviantART, most are not willing to take the time to read the policies, terms of service, or FAQ in full. That contributes greatly to the high policy violation rate we face in deviantART today. If deviantART would incorporate a system which penalizes policy violators we could reduce that number drastically. A structured system that would provide the deviant with knowledge about the rules and policies of deviantART, give the member a chance to learn from their mistakes; and discipline those who refuse to.
When a deviant submits a policy violation to the community and that violation is reported and resolved, that deviant should receive an explanatory note on why their work was removed as well as a warning that continued behavior can result i

:bulletgreen: Visual Suggestion

A visual suggestion is the opposite of a written suggestion – obviously. The focus is not the text, but the "artwork" you provide. You can use the description area to add details for things you can't explain visually as they are dynamic or somehow hidden etc.
Usually such suggestions are modified screenshots of features that already exist. People take the screenshot and add or remove the things they like to see happen. Or – in case they would like something new – they take elements of the website (from screenshots again) and combine them in a way that it show the new feature in a way how it could be implemented.


Sticky Comments by DEVlANT dAmn Chatroom Log by janvanlysebettens :thumb182574572:

More examples of how valid suggestions can be seen here:…

:bulletgreen: Suggestions vs. Rants/Bugs

Whenever you post a screenshot or write a text of something that doesn't work, it does NOT belong to the suggestion galleries. It is just a bug, there is nothing you explain there and usually the description text is nothing more than a rant about a temporary glitch.
Even if you use red lines to mark the significant areas it's still no suggestion. It just highlights some areas in your screenshot, but gives no instructions for improvements.
If you want to post such screenshots use your Scraps as that is the only place where they belong to. And most important: relax before going all mad. Bugs can have many reasons and not all the time it is deviantART's fault.

If it happens that you experience a bug, the first thing you should do is to check if deviantART is already aware of it. You can do that here:…
In case it's something new upload the screenshot to your Scraps or any other image hosting website, fill out a Help Desk Ticket and provide all needed information. Afterwards be patient and get back to the responses of the Help Desk team. That way your problem can be fixed.

We all know that it is annoying if something does not work, but doing it the way described above is the easiest way to get rid of the problem. Posting screenshots of bugs and adding a bit of ranting won't get you further and it will produce miscats that might make really good suggestions unseen.
And if you disagree with a feature, provide useful critique and/or suggestions to the matter. Then there is a chance that something will be changed, but not with a bug screenshot.  

:note: Always keep in mind, that a suggestion indicates changes and shows/tells the viewer/reader how they could be implemented and why. With no further explanation – no matter if written or being part of an deviation – it is no suggestion.

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