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During our "deviantART related" week of Project Educate you will have the chance to expand your knowledge regarding that gallery as a whole and its subcategories.
If you have a question regarding a certain subject, but can't find any answer in the news articles and events provided, feel free to contact ginkgografix via note, mail or leave a comment.

The dA related week of Project Educate runs from Sunday October 31st until Saturday November 6th.

:bulletgreen: Introduction

Especially when it comes to "User Styles" there seems to be quite some confusion of what it really is. So to help those that don't understand the galleries or have problems figuring out what kind of submissions could be added, here is a try to give you some more information of what it can be (and what not).

:bulletgreen: User Styles

The name of this gallery seems to cause the most confusion for people who want to submit new artwork.
"User Styles" is one gallery with the most miscats mainly coming from its name. So what does this user style mean?

You as a person are a member of deviantART and that makes you a user of that site. That's quite easy right? But when we are looking for styles, we don't want to know how you dress, what your new hair cut is like or how your drawings improved. Of course that is all your style, but those deviations belong to other galleries (Photography, Digital Art, Traditional Art etc). What we want to see here are styled for deviantART made by its users/members.
So if we try to translate "User Style" it could be something like: A modification of the website via its members.
That means it's not your personal style, but a style you create. That's a tiny but important difference.

Also all deviations submitted to this gallery should be related to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - that's the fancy code that makes websites look good and in this case it will be used to change the default look of the website.
It doesn't matter if you just re-color the orange of the poll, change the appearance of the header area or write down a complete new look for deviantART. It's just important that it is based on CSS and is a code that can be used by others. All other kind of submissions are not valid.

Any submission to this gallery does never modify the function of a deviantART feature or the website itself, it only makes changes on the layout.
To be able to use any User Style you must have "Stylish" installed. An add-on for Firefox that is for free and can be downloaded here:

These can affect certain features though, if the CSS code is buggy or disables needed elements.

Code Example
namespace url(;
@-moz-document domain("") {

margin: 3px 0 0 0;
padding: 2px 19px 0 0!important;
background: url( top right no-repeat !important;

:bulletgreen: Browser Scripts & Extensions

While User Styles are pure CSS only, Browser Scripts & Extensions are way more complex and are coded deviations with real code that modifies the functions of certain deviantART features. So it's not only something that changes the appearance but also significant parts of the structure to add, modify or remove default features.

Scripts and extensions work with complex code structures and functions that use elements of math to create something dynamic.

Whatever gets changed will affect the way deviantART works, so always be careful when working on such scripts or extensions. Or when using those made by others. They often can cause errors that are not the sites fault, so whenever you experience bugs, try to disable your installed scripts and extensions first, before filling out a HelpDesk ticket.

Code Example
// LOADPREFS: Loads the preferences as JSON from a GM value. Stores and returns. If it's not present, it saves the default, which is already loaded
  loadprefs: function(){
  x = GM_getValue("preferences")
    } else if(localStorage){
    x = localStorage.superdAmn_preferences
       } else {
       throw new TypeError("SuperdAmn save data is not saved anywhere understandable. :(")
       this.SD.P = JSON.parse(x) // JSON
       return x
       } else {
this.saveprefs(this.SD.P) // Saving default prefs
return this.SD.P

:note: This is only a part of a more complex script. Taken from electricnets SuperdAmn

If you want to take a look at a few examples of what User Styles and Browser Scripts & Extensions can be like, take a look at this feature:…

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