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April 30, 2011


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This is a monthly article showcasing the deviations from the deviantART Related gallery that were featured as Daily Deviations throughout the past month.

If you want to suggest deviations for DDs as well, please read the guidelines at the end of this news article.

So, without further ado...the features!

DDs of April 2011

To know what these categories are about, please check this "Guide to the deviantART Related Galleries"

:bulletgreen: User Styles or Browser Scripts & Extensions

AMALL by nuckchorris0   

:pointr: dA related presents: Browser Scripts & Extensions + User Styles

:bulletgreen: deviantART Tutorials

Designing a Journal Part One by GillianIvy Sexify Your Page: Custom Boxes by SanguineEpitaph   

:pointr: dA related presents: DA Tutorials

:bulletgreen: DeviantMEETS

none this month

:pointr: dA related presents: DeviantMEETS

:bulletgreen: deviantArt Suggestion > Visual Suggestions or Written Suggestions

VS: Subscriber Profile Banner by lightpurge  dA VS 11_Groups Enhancement by VSConcepts SUGGESTION - GROUP SUBMISSION by Kaoyux

:pointr: dA related presents: deviantART Suggestions

:bulletgreen: Deviant Stamps

   the only one for this month is not available anymore

:pointr: dA related presents: Deviant Stamps

:bulletgreen: Installable Skins / Complete Journal & Gallery CSS / Journal & Gallery Designs

Little Leaves Skin. by andokadesbois

:pointr: dA related presents: Journal CSS & deviantART Skins

:bulletgreen: Devious Fun

The-PS-Magazine Download by UJz Face Your Avatar by jonathoncomfortreed deviantART - Guitar Picks by GregColl

:pointr: dA related presents: Devious Fun + LOL Fella

:bulletgreen: Zines

none this month

:pointr: dA related presents: Zines

:bulletgreen: deviantID

I by Eman333 aoeskhpokeohkessaehywyu by andrahilde :thumb95163651: ID by kornrad 2011 ID by toerning :thumb187756629:      

:pointr: dA related presents: deviantID

:bulletgreen: deviantWEAR & Prints > Community Product Shots > Product Shots / devianttWEAR

dA logo additive by kyle-culver

:pointr: dA related presents: deviantWEAR & Prints

:bulletgreen: other dA related DDs

Fella ASCII Art by Charleston-and-Itchy Llamas IRL Complete by jesspotter  

Featured dA related Groups

This is a group made for stamps, avatars, buttons, and templates.

DeviantLlamas are a group of Llama Badge fans together to help each other making an herd of Llamas in their profile. Free to join, free to submit art, and recieve badges easly!

We give subscriptions (Premium Memberships, PMs) to members of DeviantART that want them.

This group is made for the people that make Icon's and Avatars around DA! Whether they be Pixel or other. We also accept assorted pixel arts.

DD Guidelines

:bulletgreen: Send a note with "DD suggestion" as a subject to the Moonbeam13.
:bulletgreen: dA related deviations only:…
:bulletgreen: The deviant shouldn't have received a DD within the last 3 months.
:bulletgreen: The deviation should have proper credits(if needed) and not use any copyright protected material.
:bulletgreen: Add a description why you think the deviation deserves a DD. It will make people who might receive it happy.

Your CSS Fairy Fairy - Blow kiss by ginkgografix
.:deviantART related Stamp by ginkgografix fellallama by mintyy :heart: by nirman
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SanguineEpitaph May 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay! More tutorial DDs than March! :giggle:
We are improving :lol:
SanguineEpitaph May 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
GillianIvy May 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay, grats to :iconsanguineepitaph:! I didn't see he had one too. ;D
It's easy to overlook dAr deviations when they don't have the typical grey/green color :giggle:
GillianIvy May 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
lolols! I had seen it before, and faved it, just didn't realize who did it ;D
SanguineEpitaph May 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
:blush: Why, thank you! :flirty:
GillianIvy May 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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